Cultivate Healthy Romantic Relationships-

Cultivate Healthy Romantic Relationships-

by ChristianCrush Team

There’s no question that Facebook is addictive, and now just about anyone can have an account on it. One of the most popular ways to use this social media site is to post very personal thoughts about your love life. In fact, it’s often strange to not see a couple boast online about their happiness offline. Studies show that many couples do this because they are insecure in their relationship and either want to keep an eye on one another, or they perhaps want to gather public recognition of how wonderful their love is. In the end, the only healthy recognition required for a relationship comes from God. A couple can “like” statuses ‘til kingdom come, but no amount of public approval can provide the confidence and steadfast support that God gives freely. Furthermore, we must seek His approval first on who we are interested in dating or marrying. Continually asking God to check our motives is important in all areas but especially dating. Then, we must ask those closest to us for their honest feedback and listen to their wise counsel. Often, love can make us blind, so turning to others for objective feedback on who we are pursuing is essential. Third, we must strive to honor God by how we treat our partner both before marriage and after we say "I do."

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Are men more romantic than women? Forty-eight percent of men claim they’ve fallen in love at first sight. Women are often more careful and less romantic in love because they are cautiously picking out the best mate for their gene pool, according to some sources. Whenever anyone falls in love, our minds react with dopamine-esque chemical reactions that only take 0.2 seconds to occur. Chemicals might ignite those first few sparks, but even after the dopamine levels fade, men and women still love a little romance. Unfortunately, many couples stop courting one another after they've been together for awhile. When this occurs, that "in love" feeling tends to decrease and conflict starts to enter in. Usually, the more "in love" a couple feels the more grace they display towards their partner's shortcomings and the less "in love" a couple feels the more critical they tend to feel towards their partner's shortcomings. Therefore, continuing to court your partner life long through romantic words and deeds is imperative. One way to think of romance is like oil in an engine. With regular oil changes, it keeps the engine running smoothly. However, without it, the oil gets dirty and thick and can damage the motor. In the Bible, romantic love exists in many forms. In Song of Solomon it’s a love poem, in Hosea it’s all about the action, and in Proverbs it’s a total mystery.


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This was a great article. One of the things that surprised me is about having a big wedding. As an older person, I did not think that would be important. I like what was said about family taking it serious. I also agree with actions being important too! Thanks!!!
By on September 14, 2014 @ 10:32am MT 91

Dr. WyattThanks Trmac719....glad you appreciated all those points in the infographic....Blessings!
By Dr. Wyatt on September 14, 2014 @ 5:01pm MT

This is a very interesting perspective. I enjoyed reading it but do have a couple of things to add. The point about women being more careful can be true, whether I agree with it being due to the gene pool is a totally different issue. Maybe when we are younger that is a factor, but as 40 something lady in the dating world and not looking to have any other children that really is a mute point to me. I believe that women enjoy being romanced and of course flirted with through the entire relationship. I know that when God puts the man in my life that will be my soulmate I will be happy to be the wife that loves to return the romance to my spouse. Please remember that it is not all about the words the man may use ladies. We need the actions attached to them to really flourish and so do they! Thanks for the article! Amazingly Blessed
By on September 5, 2014 @ 10:42am MT 91
Dr. WyattVery true Amazingly Blessed...the courting and romance need to go both directions and words need to be followed up with action....thanks for the great response!
By Dr. Wyatt on September 5, 2014 @ 9:05pm MT

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