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We pursue careers, our marriage gets less attention.

We have children, our marriage gets less attention.

We have a home to take care of, our marriage gets less attention.....see the pattern?


If we aren't careful, our marriage will become less and less of a priority over time. Therefore, you owe it to one another to have a romantic getway in Texas for a weekend to bring your marriage back to the glory it experienced when you were first dating. 

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The Texas Marriage Refresh is designed to do just that. It's held at a luxurious hotel so you can escape the husstle and bussle of life for awhile. Enjoy nights out for dinner without the kids, time to take leisurely walks, swim in the pool, etc. Ever noticed how well you tend to get along with your spouse when you're away from everything? This weekend will provide that. In addition, it includes a marriage conference Saturday to intentionally move your marriage from surviving to thriving. 

 romantic getaways in Texas


Think of the marriage conference as much overdue training! We all put hundreds sometimes even thousands of hours of training into our jobs but rarely scratch the surface of training with our marriages. No wonder they can be so difficult at times! For your marriage to do well, it needs regular training. What would happen if you stopped taking your car into the shop for regular maintenance? It wouldn't last very long. Likewise with marriage. It needs regular tune-ups do keep running well. 


Our romantic getaway in Texas includes six sessions:


1-Establishing God's Covenant Foundation. The first step to a healthy marriage is having the right perspective. This session will show you what it means to develop a God-honoring, covenant based relationship.


2-Owning Our Brokenness. We all have shortcomings and weaknesses we bring into marriage. Often, our brokenness interacts with our spouse's brokenness and creates vicious cycles. This session will help you understand these cycles.


3-Falling In Love Again. This session will provide tools for falling in love again with your spouse like you were when you first were dating. When a couple is in love their relationship is automatically affair proofed.


4-Establishing Emotional Attachment. Becoming emotionally close and learning how to support one another in marriage is essential. After all, most women need to feel emotionally close before they are open to connecting sexually.


5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks. Regular, fulfilling sex is glue for a marriage. However, many couples have problems in this area, leading to division and despair. This session will provide insights into these dynamics and what to do to spark the fire.


6-Sharing Power. Each spouse needs to feel like their voice is heard and matters. Instead, usually one spouse tends to dominate over the other with their preferences, which is toxic to the relationship. This session will teach you how to respect differences and share power so you both feel respected.


Each session is followed by alone time with your spouse to discuss and apply the content to your marriage. 

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