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Falling in love is easy....yes

Staying in love is


If only it was as easy to stay in love as it was to fall in love. For the most part, falling in love with someone is effortless. We feel emotional and physical attraction towards them, we have regular positive interactions, we spend lots of quality time togother and before we know it we're in love. However, after saying "I do" and after the stress of mortgage, kids, and career come into the picture that in love feeling can get dimmer and dimmer until finally we wake up and feel like we don't even know the person sleeping next to us!


Our romantic getaway in NC is designed to help bring that in love feeling back. It starts by staying in a relaxing hotel where you can get away from the craziness of life for awhile. It's hard to focus on our spouse when we have a million distrations around us. Staying at the hotel will remove those distractions and provide time to re-connect with your spouse like you did when you were dating. In addition, we provide a marriage conference Saturday on six specific ways to make your marriage alive and healthy again.


romantic getaways in NC


The second law of thermodynamics states that everything is in a constant slide towards decay. This is applicable to our marriage. All husbands and wives are prone to drift in the wrong direction in marriage towards busyness, laziness, selfishness, etc. If not corrected, the law of decay will take over and destroy our marriage. In order to revive our relationship and maintain a healthy one, we must intentionally take action and our romantic getaway in NC will show you how. 


 Our Romantic Getaway in NC Includes Six Sessions:


1-Establishing God's Covenant Foundation: Since God created marriage it's essential to understand how He wants us to approach it. This session will show you how. 


2-Owning Our Brokenness: Brokenness is the culmination of all our shortcomings, sin, and weaknesses we bring into marriage. Before long, our junk is interacting with our spouse's and dynsfunctional patterns spiral. This session will help you identify these patterns in your own marriage and how they impact your interactions.


3-Falling In Love Again: Too many couples settle for a mediocore relationship. Unfortunately, this puts both of them at risk for eventually turning elsewhere to get their needs met. This session will provide key strategies for falling back in love again.


4-Establishing Emotional Attachment: Learning how to feel emotionally close with our spouse is easier for some than others. Often, our adult attachments are influenced by how secure or insecure our chilhood attachments were. This session will show you how to create emotional connection with your spouse regardless of your background.


5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks: Sex tends to be the first thing to enter a relationship when things are going well and the first thing to leave a relationship when things aren't going well. Having regular, fulfilling sex is a vital component to healthy marriages and this session will give you specific steps to make it more central to your relationship.


6-Sharing Power: Sharing power is when both spouses make the other feel heard, valued, and respected on all decisions big and small. Few marriages have this culture and this session will help you develop it within your marriage.


After each session there's alone time for couples to process the material and how it applies to their relationship.

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