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You find your soul mate

You fall madly in love

You live happily ever after.....right? 


Wrong. Maintaining a happy marriage takes a lot of work. Our life can be thought of as a fishbowl. Often, we start by putting pebbles in the fish bowl first that feel urgent, such as earning money, developing a career, kids activities, hobbies, etc. Unfortunately, before we know it we haven't put the biggest boulder, our marriage, into the fish bowl and now there's no room. Instead, we must learn to live value driven lives where we put our marriage boulder in the fish bowl first, then we put in the rest of the pebbles. This way, not all of the other pebbles will fit and some of them will need to be reduced or cut out. 


Learn About The Best Romantic Getaway In CO!


Our romantic getaway in Colorado is intended to help you do that. It's held at a relaxing hotel to give you time to catch your breath and let the dust settle from the chaos of life. We often need to get away from the rat race to fully see our marriage in clarity. Staying at the hotel will give you undivided time to spend together, go hiking, mountain biking, etc. In addition, we provide a marriage conference on Saturday on six key concepts to make your marriage exceptional. No one wants to have a luke warm marriage. Our marriage seminar will show you how to develop a red hot one! 


romantic getaways in Colorado


Marriages take regular maintenance to stay healthy. One of the best analagies is marriage is like a plant. If you water a plant well, give it proper sunlight, and fertilize the soil, it will thrive. However, if you put the plant in a closet and stop watering it, it will die. Without continual tending to, marriages will die. They are a living organism and must be treated as such to do well. This romantic getaway in Colorado will bring your marriage back to life!


Our Romantic Getaway in Colorado Includes Six Sessions:


1-Establishing God's Covenant Foundation: Many people approach marriage as a contract rather than a covenant. This session will show you the difference and how to put God first in your marriage. 


2-Owning Our Brokenness: We all have weaknesses. Some of them we've brough into marriage from our past and others we've developed since being married. Inevitably our weaknesses develop vicious cycles with our spouse's and unhealthy patterns arise. This session will help you understand this dynamic and the origins of it. 


3-Falling In Love Again: No one gets married to fall out of love but it happens all the time. To fall back in love and to stay in love you must have a specific strategy tailored to your spouse and we'll share this strategy with you.


4-Establishing Emotional Attachment: Most people would not describe their spouse as their best friend yet that's the ideal. Learning to be one another's biggest supporter is central to developing safety and trust.


5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks: Regular sex is vital to any healthy marriage. However, many couples have sex few and far between and are desperate for help in this area. We'll provide tools to bring back the spark.


6-Sharing Power: Most couples struggle sharing power. Learning how to respect differences, share power, and compromise are essential ingredients to a happy marriage. 


Each session is followed by alone time for couples to sift through the content and apply it to their marriage. 

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