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Welcome to the best couples retreats and marriage retreats in Texas. Have you ever considered the hundreds of hours you have put into your career, including all of the college courses, certificates, training, etc. Then, compare that with the amount of time you have put into training for your marriage. The difference is staggering! No wonder marriage can be so difficult. It's time to start investing in your marriage like you have your career. Happily ever after is a fairy tale. Marriage takes seasoned preparation, thoughtful intention, and continual execution for it to not only survive but thrive! 


Couples retreats Texas | Marriage retreats Texas


If you feel your marriage could use improvement and you're ready to give it the training it deserves, our online marriage retreat in Texas is the best place to start. It also can be used as a premarital class for couples wanting to set their marriage up for success. We've intentionally designed it to be available online so busy couples can access it from anywhere at anytime. Also, there's no time limit with how long you can access it so you can continually go back and re-watch various sessions as needed. The seminar is split into six parts and it covers a variety of topics including God's covenant foundation, owning our brokenness, cultivating sexual fireworks and several more. Each session also provides strategic breaks throughout for you and your spouse to process and implement the topics covered.


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