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Welcome to the best couples retreats and marriage retreats in Georgia! Let's face it, marriage can be hard work. Many couples falsely believe marriage will be a never ending fairy tale of in love feelings and pleasure. However, that season quickly gives way to fall where couples feel less in love and more irritated with one another. If they aren't careful, that season gives way to winter where there are massive walls of distance, hurt, and resentment. If couples don't handle winter properly, many end up divorced. However, those who work through winter come out on the other side into spring where they start having tender feelings for one another again. 


Couples retreats Georgia | Marriage retreats Georgia


If you're in fall or winter and want to recover your marriage, this online marriage retreat in Georgia is for you. It will walk you through step by step the essential building blocks of a healthy marriage, including establishing God's covenant foundation, owning your brokenness, developing emotional attachment, and many more. The seminar is also a wonderful pre-marital course for those wanting to start their matrimony journey on the right foot. The online format is ideal for busy couples who don't have time to attend a live marriage seminar. Instead, they can watch this seminar at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. 


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