Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship On Track

Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship On Track

by ChristianCrush Team

Friends who mean well can be worse than people who have an actual vendetta. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or are getting your feet wet with a new romance, it seems like everyone has something to say about it.


One of the most famous relationship proverbs is to never go to bed angry. For some couples, however, this could mean arguing late into the night, where sleep deprivation only leads to more arguing. Returning to the discussion in the morning may give you both time to cool down and re-evaluate what you really want to communicate. Other friends will say that any decrease in “in love” feelings is grounds for divorce. This comes from a society that thinks everything about relationships should feel like the first few honeymoon months, when everything is fresh, new, and exciting. However, many couples find that with counseling, patience, and help from the guy upstairs, they can overcome just about any obstacle.


Relationship advice from friends can save you a lot of heartache if it comes from the right perspective. We need to be selective with who we turn to for advice, such as a close friend who knows us well enough to accurately lend suggestions. Imagine a total stranger telling you that you can’t trust your fiancée. Now think of that same word coming from your best friend. Chances are that you would react differently in each scenario.


The best advice you can find will support you in your own decisions (Tartakovsky 2014). No one can tell you exactly how to have the best relationship, because no one else lives in your head. Any relationship decision you make is ultimately between you, God, and the other person. However, here are four tips to help you get moving in the right direction.


1. Ask more than one person - Prov. 11:14


Talking to the same person about everything isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it can be just as bad as not asking for advice at all. Talking to many different people is a good way to get separate perspectives on your unique situation.


2. Be honest about the situation - Prov. 12:15


If a friend comes to you and asks how your romantic relationship is going, be honest with them. Don’t sugar coat things or deny what you really feel. The more honest you are, the more accurate the feedback will probably be.


3. Talk to your significant other - Eph. 4:3


Being a team means facing the world together. Whether you have a casual or crisis situation to deal with, communication is essential. The need to maintain intimate conversation is crucial to any close relationship and cultivating a daily “talk time” is one of the best habits for couples to create.     


4. Get ready to work - Eph. 5:22-23


The example God sets for us to be husbands and wives is intense. Just read a few of the passages about marriage in the New Testament and you’ll see exoneration to act not just nicely, but as God does toward his sons and daughters. That’s a high calling, folks, and it’s not an easy one. No matter where you are in your relationship, lean into Christ for His love and support as you learn the true meaning of commitment.


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 Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in Denver, CO and founder of a Couples Retreat, a Christian Dating Site for Christian Singles, a Couples Bible Study, and a Porn Addiction Seminar.




 What's some of the best advice you've received about romantic relationships?

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Availability, being open minded and accommodative.
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Dr. WyattThanks...yes, those are helpful qualities
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