Best Couples Retreat in Colorado (Service Not Available Anymore)

This service no longer exist

It’s incredible to compare all of the time, resources, and effort people invest into their careers compared to their marriages. Think of all the hours invested in going to school and receiving training on how to become a successful electrician, accountant, engineer, nurse, etc. Now, compare that with all the hours and training couples usually put into becoming successful in their marriage.

The contrast is staggering. No wonder marriage can be so difficult! It’s time to invest in your marriage like you do your career by attending the Colorado Marriage Refresh, the best couples retreat in Colorado and offered in both Denver and Colorado Springs.

“We’ve gone to probably 5 or 6 marriage seminars and your Refresh was the best marriage encounter we’ve ever experienced! We are extremely grateful.” –Terry & Donna

“It was really effective & amazingly concise with the balance of information shared and personal stories intertwined. Loved each second, the day flew by, it was a 10 out of 10!” -Susan & Mark

With divorce rates nearing 40-50% for Christians and non Christians alike, it’s time to make a stand. Believers should be leading the way with exemplar relationships that are God honoring and covenant oriented.  This marriage retreat is designed to help your relationship become all God intended. “So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Mathew 19:6, NIV). No one gets married hoping to get a divorce one day. Usually, couples go from roast….. to coast…. to toast. The Colorado Marriage Refresh addresses this dynamic and provides practical ways to reverse the trend. Some of the topics we’ll be covering include conflict resolution, healing wounds, appreciation, sharing power, emotional intimacy, and physical intimacy. There will be time after each session for couples to discuss and apply the content to their own marriage privately.

“We feel much closer with our communication and sexual intimacy, before this seminar we were at a standstill.” -Jennifer & Matt 

“Just the reset I was hoping it would be for my wife and I! Opened eyes & hearts for all kinds of relationships, not just marriage!” -Jon & Stacy

As you can see, we are passionate about helping couples develop God-honoring relationships. Also, my own marriage has gone through seasons of summer and winter so we are very familiar with the ups and downs of matrimony. Therefore, this Colorado couples retreat offered in both Denver and Colorado Springs not only focuses on strategies for successful relationships, it also includes my wife and I presenting our own marriage testimony of brokenness and God’s healing power.

This marriage seminar is intentionally designed for the whole spectrum of relationships ranging from premarital couples all the way to those who have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and beyond.

“Danita and I were impressed with the material.  We learned some great tools and can speak the same language now.  Thank you!  Both you and Alia did a great job.  I will recommend the seminar to anyone.” Pastor Mark Johnson: Grace Place Church Berthoud, CO

Friday Night

5:15-6:30: Introductory marital concepts and break out session with spouse

6:30-7:45: Understanding conflict and break out session with spouse

7:45-9:00: Resolving conflict and break out session with spouse

Saturday Morning

8-9:15: Sharing power and break out session with spouse

9:15-10:30: Emotional intimacy and break out session with spouse

10:30-11:45: Physical intimacy and break out session with spouse

11:45-12:00: Final comments and take aways

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