Cherish Your Partner

Cherish Your Partner

by Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D.

Learning how to cherish your partner is critical. Also, the earlier Christian singles discover the importance of cherishing, the more likely they will continue this healthy practice after saying "I do." The following four methods are wonderful ways to begin.


1-Cherish them through prayer


First, cherish your partner through prayer. As Christians, we must continually be in prayer. God tells us to "devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful" (Colossians 4:2, NIV). We must make it a regular habit to praise God for our spouse, to thank Him for their strengths and for bringing them into our lives. Next, we must pray on their behalf for whatever trials and tribulations they may be experiencing so that God can help them. Last, we must pray for discernment on how best to encourage and support them.


2-Cherish them with your mind


Second, cherish your partner with your mind. Our mind has significant influence over our feelings and actions. Therefore, it's wise to capture our thoughts towards our spouse to ensure they are edifying. To start, routinely think though all of the qualities you first were attracted to in your spouse. It's easy to eventually overlook these features so we must remember why we first fell in love with them. Next, continually think through all of the ways you are blessed by having him or her in your life.


3-Cherish them with your words


Third, cherish your partner with your words. Our words have tremendous power and we must learn to use them wisely to bless our spouse. Intentionally praise your spouse on a regular basis about all things big and small. What do you love most about them, appreciate most, admire most, etc.? These questions will provide rich content to share with them on a regular basis. Next, be sure to praise your partner to other people in your life, such as your family, friends, and children. Not only will this remind you of why you love them so much, but it will also bless them when they hear about it. Last, praise your partner in front of others to honor them publicly.


4-Cherish them with your actions


Fourth, cherish your partner with your actions. Our actions often reflect the condition of our heart. Therefore, we must excel in expressing love towards our spouse through them. To begin this process, quiz your partner over the behaviors they would appreciate most from you and then do those things on a regular basis. Create a daily habit of doing at least one act of kindness for your spouse, such as sending a loving text message, thoughtful voice mail, etc. Next, create a weekly habit of doing one larger act of kindness for them, such as making their favorite dinner, helping them complete a project, etc. Show them your love through your deeds.


Many marriages fail because one or both partners stop cherishing the other. Be sure to learn these critical skills now and keep them at the forefront of your relationship.


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 Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in Denver, CO and founder of a Couples Retreat, a Christian Dating Site for Christian Singles, a Couples Bible Study, and a Porn Addiction Seminar.




What are some of the best ways for couples to cherish one another?

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