Timberline Church Marrieds & Singles

Timberline Church Timberline first existed in the early 1920s, though it didn’t take on its current name until almost the year 2000.  At the heart of their story is a desire to encourage love wherever Christians go.  A timberline is an imaginary line where nature suddenly changes–such as when the line of trees suddenly disappears on the mountain.  Timberline Church loves that image because it brings to mind the changes that God can affect. When you encounter God and build your foundation in him, there is always a change.


While the messages at Timberline can be incredible, sometimes it can be helpful to have extra support for application. Below are four resources designed specifically for you! 

1-Christian marriage retreats. The first service is a Christian marriage retreat provided several times a year. It's called the Colorado Marriage Refresh and provides a super blend of Scripture, testimony, and marital research. 


2-Couples Bible Study. A second resource is a couples Bible study designed to help couples experience true oneness in body, soul, and spirit. The study is video based and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.


3-Porn addiction support. The third resource is a porn addiction seminar to help couples understand why porn addiction can be so extremely addictive and how they can start building a unified front against it.


4-Christian dating platform. The fourth resource is a Christian dating platform to help singles get to know one another to build community and for some to eventually become equally yoked. 


More Info on Timberline Church

Lead pastor Dary Northrup is surrounded by a team of men and women who simply want to reach out to the world with God’s love. Their church motto is “Let Love Live”, and their five focused ministries put that idea into action.  They teach and train believers to love one another and to spread the love wherever they are, whether it’s in a seat on Sunday, at Target during the week, or on a missions trip in the summer.

If you feel lost walking into a brand-new church full of people you don’t know, an easy way to get connected is to attend some classes.  Sunday school isn’t just for elementary kids!  At Timberline you can go to the Summit series, which teaches you all about the history of the church, how you personally are equipped to help out, and, finally, where you can serve.

One of the great things about a church like Timberline is being able to attend a service at one of three locations. Whether you want to attend in Fort Collins or Windsor, the feel is the same and the message doesn’t change!  And if life gets in the way and you can’t make it physically, you can always watch and listen to sermons online, something that many churches have started to do in the past few years.

The people who go to Timberline Church love its family-focused atmosphere.  It’s a busy spot with thousands of visitors every weekend, and they offer dozens of ways for people to meet up and live life together.  Hard times?  Try the Celebrate Recovery group, where real people come together to heal and provide support.  Looking for friends?  There are Bible studies, weekly groups, and ministries to join.  Once you get connected, it’s hard to feel out of place. College age and young adults have their own group, called nine70.  They have Bible study groups and events for everyone under the age of 35.  For singles 35+, check out LifeLine, which has weekly meetings and monthly events for anyone who wants to join.

Denomination-wise they are considered Assembly of God, a network of Pentecostal Christians that are known for their belief in evidence of the Holy Spirit. At Timberline, you’ll meet friendly, warm-hearted people who want to show you the love of Christ and encourage you to do the same to everyone else in your life.