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Christian singles Seattle & WA DatingWelcome to the premier site for Seattle Christian dating for Christian singles in Seattle. This is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and is also one of the coolest. It has one of the top 10 largest ports in the country and is the birthplace of all sorts of musical greats. If you live here already, you will probably never want to leave. And if you don’t live here yet, you probably should!


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Thanks to that lovely Pacific ocean, Seattle is packed to the brim with delicious sea food specialties. Taste buds go crazy for fresh-from-the-water oysters and salmon. Seasonal catches are always the best. Try Etta’s, Tilth, or Pike Street Fish Fry for some of the best sustainable seafood choices. Take a date to get fish and chips, then follow it up with some of Seattle’s best coffee. Dessert, of course, has to be Rainier cherries or something from Dahlia Lounge, such as their triple coconut cream pie.

The other benefit of being close to the ocean is the recreation. Rain city is beautiful year ‘round, but the real fun is to be had out on the water. Build up your paddling chops with some kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding. You can even grab a few thousand new friends and bike to Portland in the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. Stroll through Discovery Park and you’ll see almost every kind of beach terrain that exists. When the water’s too cold, slip on your winter coat and go skiing in the Cascades.

Revisit some beloved spots by eating dinner in Seattle’s most famous landmark: the Space Needle. Historic Pike Place Market always has something going on for anyone who wants something fresh for dinner or fun to put in the living room. It’s always fun to play tourist and jump on a ferry across Puget Sound. No one will blame you if you snap (yet another) picture of Mount Rainier, especially if it’s peaking out from its cloud cover. On rainy days, take dates to the Seattle Art Museum. The first Thursday of every month is free, and the artwork there is fantastic.

Seattle is a major center for anyone who is artistic, and music is one of its specialities. From youth orchestras to grunge music, you can count on this city to deliver creatively. The diverse music scene has produced world-class alternative acts like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Flight of the Conchords. Like music without instruments, poetry slams also take place in Seattle every year. The city annually sends its own team of poetry slammers to national competitions.

The cool thing about people in Seattle is that most of them are really happy about life. Sure, there are days when the rain makes everything gray, but weather is temporary and can always be made better with food and friends. Strangers aren’t averse to striking up a conversation with you at the grocery store. You see smiles wherever you go. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Seattle, you've come to the right place to find others like you.