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Christian singles Salt Lake City & UT datingWelcome to the premier site for Salt Lake City Christian dating for Christian singles in Salk Lake City. The “Great” might have been dropped from Salt Lake City’s name in 1868, but this Utah capital is still one of the greatest places to be. It’s a well-known fact that people who get to be outside more are happier, and that’s definitely what you see in Salt Lake City.


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Lots of tourists come through to enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities. In fact, Utah is one of the best states to go to if you want to play outside. Earthquakes long ago made the mountains look as though they appear suddenly out of nowhere. The Wasatch to the east and north and the Oquirrh to the west create a mountain valley that happens to also be home to the biggest natural lake this side of the Mississippi.

The first permanent European settlers in Great Salt Lake City were trappers, and the Mormons arrived soon afterward. They planted crops, explored the area, and began surveying for the city they planned to build. Ingenuity was essential as the isolated settlers couldn’t just run out to the mall on errands – they learned how to make everything they needed. The tradition of creation continues today; Kentucky Fried Chicken started up in SLC, and it’s the base for Meadow Gold Dairy and salt water taffy.

Salt Lake City’s culture is a mix of old and new. From Native American tribes to the Mormons, everything about the city speaks about history. There are several fascinating museums and historic sites in SLC, and they make great date spots if you’re tired of the old movie-and-dinner spiel. If you plan in advance you can get free tickets to the Twilight Concert Series (not that Twilight). Popular venues get packed with people who get to see live bands like MGMT and The Nationals. Of course, if movies really are your thing, the Sundance Film Festival happens in SLC every year.

One of the really great things about SLC is that, unlike other U.S. capitals, downtown is actually relatively easy to get around. The grid setup makes things really simple. If you do get lost, you can sustain yourself on fry sauce from Arctic Circle. It’s better than ketchup and goes well with practically every other food type. Make sure you also go to Ruth’s Diner, where you can indulge in a biscuit the size of a small planet.

The people of Salt Lake City are big-hearted and decent. Part of this might be the strong role that faith plays in the city, but it also could be all the fresh air. Spend just a few minutes here and you’ll notice that most of the people are easy to get along with. Maybe they speed a little when they get on the highway, but that happens everywhere!

While you’re out and about on dates in the coming weeks, make sure you enjoy all the unique facets of SLC. You can see free movies in parks during the summer, or you can grab some friends and go floating in the lake. No matter what, there are always people around, waiting to meet new faces. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Salt Lake City, you've come to the right place to find others like you.