Porn Addiction Help | 17 Strategies for Overcoming Pornography! 

Pornography addiction is quickly becoming an epidemic.

Rather than feeling free and victorious, many men are in continual bondage.

Welcome to PornBattle, the crushing new online seminar for effective porn addiction help. 


"The PornBattle seminar blew my mind. I had no idea how easy it is to get addicted to porn. It's helped me understand my husband better and has provided a road-map to recovery for our marriage." (previous viewer)



"I'm a licensed psychologist specializing in sex addiction and found the PornBattle seminar extremely helpful for pornography addiction. It's wonderful for men to watch individually and for couples to watch together for porn addiction recovery." (Dr. Marcus Kilian)


Porn Addiction Statistics:


The Family Research Council found the following through their research:


1-Married men addicted to porn are less satisfied with the sexual intimacy in their marriage and feel emotionally detached from their wives and children.


2-Frequent porn use often leads to infidelity and divorce.


3-Porn users often become desensitized to content and crave more deviant material for the same rush.


4-Child sex offenders often have a history of chronic pornography viewing.


Barna has just completed one of the biggest studies ever done on pornography addiction statistics and they found: 


1-Teens and young adults ranked not recycling as more immoral and offensive than viewing pornography.


2-Six in ten young adults view porn either daily, weekly, or monthly.


3-Teenage boys and adult men are more than 2-4 times more likely to look at porn than teenage girls and women.


"Finally a resource for men to fully attack the problem of porn. Don't wonder if you should view the PornBattle seminar or not, it's a must!" (previous viewer)

 porn addiction help | pornography addiction recovery


"This seminar offers incredible hope for men and couples. It draws people out of isolation and provides an amazing resource for porn addiction help." -Lisa Brandenburg, Care Pastor at Flatirons Church in CO (One of the top ten largest churches in the US)

It’s time to start winning your war with porn for yourself, your marriage, and your children and our online PornBattle seminar can help get you there! The seminar is designed for you to watch individually or as a couple to help your relationship heal from the impact of porn. Since it's online and pre-recorded you can view it anytime and at your own pace. 


Session One: (35 minutes & notes provided) In session one Dr. Fisher covers research on how prevalent porn use is, why it's so extremely addictive, and the impact regular viewing can have. In addition, Alia Fisher talks directly to men about how she (representing females) is not a sex object. This session is helpful for men to realize how deadly porn can be and helpful for wives to understand why porn is so alluring and hard for men to escape.


Session Two: (45 minutes & notes provided) In session two Dr. Fisher covers 18 ways to start winning the war with pornography in your life. In addition, Alia Fisher speaks directly to wives on how they can start healing from the impact of porn on their marriage and start building a unified front with their husband against porn. 


PornBattle is designed and presented by Dr. Wyatt Fisher and his wife Alia Fisher. They have been married since 1999 and have four children together. Wyatt has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed psychologist in Colorado. He is also on the Focus and the Family referral list and a professor at Liberty University.


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