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Porn Addiction Help Seminar | View Today!

Porn addiction is the leading problem crippling the Church.

Rather than feeling victorious for Jesus, Christian men are riddled with guilt and shame.

Our passion is to powerfully reverse this trend!


"This seminar offers incredible pornography addiction help. It draws people out of isolation and provides an amazing resource. Wyatt and Alia have done a fantastic job!" -Lisa Brandenburg, Care Pastor at Flatirons Church (Top Ten Largest Churches in the US)



PornBattle Session One Notes-Click Here



PornBattle Session Two Notes-Click Here


If you're interested in counseling for porn addiciton or in bringing the PornBattle conference live to your Church please email


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porn addiction






porn addiction helpSex addiction is ripping families apart.

As porn addiction soars, marriages crumble, parenting suffers, and the power of Christian men is severely compromised.

This seminar can make a difference!

It’s time to start winning the war for Jesus, our families, and the Church.

If you believe in our mission, would you consider making a love offering?

Your donation will help us spread this conference for His Kingdom!

Thank you for the consideration and may God bless you abundantly!

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