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Christian Singles Newark & NJ DatingWelcome to the premier site for Newark Christian dating for Christian singles in Newark.  Living in Newark puts you right in the center of the hubbub of New York, and you’ll rarely find yourself without anything to do.  The Gateway Region is packed with interesting things to do with your friends. Grab concert tickets and explore the local music scene, and after the show you can find a diner and indulge in some great Italian food.


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New Jersey is full of historic landmarks.  The oldest building was constructed in 1710, and you can visit several museums full of the history of the state and its role in early American history.  Downtown is where you’ll find Lincoln Park and University Heights, along with many other remnants of the past alongside modern buildings.  You can also see Prince Street Synagogue and the sculptures in front of the Essex County Courthouse.

If you’re looking for beauty, visit the Sacred Heart cathedral.  This building is one of the largest basilicas in North America, and it’s packed with stained glass and gorgeous decor.  Head into the great outdoors in the Branch Brook Park, where thousands of cherry blossom trees make springtime a sight to behold.  It’s the nation’s oldest county park and has been marvelously maintained over the years.  You can go for a run, try roller skating, or just have a picnic.

For those who love food, it’s great to have Portuguese and Latin American restaurants at your fingertips.  Not many cities can boast such delicious food, but New Jersey takes the cake.  When immigrants flooded into the States from the mid-1850s onward, many immigrants stopped in New Jersey and made their home there.  In the Ironbound today you can find Teixeira Bakery, which is full of Portuguese delights, or if you’d like some healthy soup-and-salad fare, you can try the Harvest Table in downtown Newark.

People in New Jersey are known to get what they want–after all, they live in the city, and if you don’t fight for what you want, then it might never show up! They like it when life moves quickly, and they drive like they can’t get places fast enough.  Nearly everything is within walking distance, if that’s your thing, and the whole state has some beautiful land and farms.  Drive a little bit and you can go to New York City, or you can go to the shore (it’s the best, and everyone knows it).

The rest of the nation just doesn’t understand how awesome New Jersey is.  After all, it’s the only state that drops the “New” on its name and just calls itself “Jersey”.  Everyone who lives there is full of personality and fire, and if you love a life that travels at the speed of light, here it is.  Meeting a few new people doesn’t have to be the most difficult thing you do this year.  In fact, it can be incredibly simple.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Newark, you've come to the right place to find others like you.