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Christian singles Nashville & TN dating

Welcome to the premier site for Nashville Christian dating for Christian singles in Nashville.  When you live in the same place for a long time, it can be easy to forget just how amazing your state and city are.  The most amazing and interesting things become mundane simply because you see them all the time.  Instead of walking past all that history and beauty, why not stop and enjoy it for once?  People who take their time to appreciate the world around them are happier and who knows–maybe along the way you’ll meet someone who loves Nashville the way you do.


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When Tennessee became an official state instead of simply the Southwest Territory, it was named after old American Indian names for the place.  Some people say that the original name was “Tanasqui”, but the word is so old that no one can be sure.  No matter what the original name of the territory was, Tennessee is now home to a unique group of people especially known for their southern hospitality.  Every corner seems to have a smile on it, which is completely unlike the more stoic Western attitude.

Tennessee is a pretty popular state, if you haven’t noticed.  There’s a lot of music going in and out of Nashville, and there’s Gatlinburg.  You could almost claim the coolness of Rock City, even though it’s technically in Georgia. Stick to your state and visit Dollywood and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  After you douse yourself in music history, go see the world’s only full-scale Parthenon reproduction in Nashville’s Centennial Park.  And no one should miss the Grand Ole Opry–it’s not only a piece of Nashville, it’s an important part of American history.

As you look for a new special person to spend your time with, make sure to take a drive into the rolling countryside.  There are scenic landscapes just moments away, and without any nasty weather, the sights can be enjoyed during just about any month of the year.  After you’ve had your fill of  RCA Studio B, see the Opryland Hotel Gardens and Warner Parks.  Gorgeous trails wind in and out of these parks. Or you could hike through the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

The list of things to do in Nashville is so extensive that you should never run out of ideas for a date.  If you love history and old homes, go see the Belle Meade Plantation or the Belmont Mansion. Radnor Lake is perfect if you want to relax by the water, and everyone knows that Nashville isn’t short on great entertainment if theater or concerts are more your style.

Life is better when you can share it with the people who live around you.  And that sharing is much easier if you do it with someone who has a lot in common with you.  Living in Tennessee means that you’re surrounded by thousands of people who share the same history as you.  All you need to do is go out, meet a few new friends, and see where things go.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Nashville, you've come to the right place to find others like you.