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Most people have experienced work webinars for training on how to be successful in their job. You sit in front of a computer, click the link, watch someone discuss various topics, have Q & A, then you're done. However, most people haven't experienced marriage webinars for training on how to be successful in their relationship. No wonder more people excel in their careers than in their marriages!


"The content presented was spot on. So applicable to my marriage and also so encouraging to know that it is possible work through almost every situation." (previous attendant).

Who am I? 

marriage webinarI have a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I'm a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Colorado, and I specialize in marriage counseling in my practice in Boulder, CO. I'm also on the Focus and the Family referral list and a professor at Liberty University. Last, I founded the popular Colorado and Texas Marriage Refresh seminars held several times a year in both states. 


"Dr. Wyatt was absolutely great! He was on track, humorous, added real life examples to show it's not just me going through this. Very approachable and professional." (Previous attendant) 

How does this work?

Each month I cover a new topic over three weeks, such as building emotional attachment, cultivating sexual fireworks, successful conflict resolution, etc. Once you register below, you will receive an email with an access code to the next three part series. Every Sunday night at 5pm MST you'll click the access code to join me in the live video session. Each 45 minute session will be a variation of me speaking, couples practicing what was taught, and Q & A.  


marriage webinar 

What are the advantages of marriage webinars?

1-Marriage webinars are an excellent way to receive additional help on various areas in your relationship.

2-Since each topic is broken down over 3 weeks you'll receive more time to go deeper and apply lessons learned.

3-The cost for the three-part webinar series is only $79/couple, which breaks down to roughly $25 per weekly marriage webinar, compared to $150 per weekly marriage counseling session.

4-Marriage webinars are extremely convenient because you can access them in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home.


"Dr. Wyatt did a masterful job. He was cheerful and hopeful. The content delivered in this format was a great match. It awakened me to the log in my eye rather than the speck of dust in my spouse's eye." (previous attendant) 

When does the next marriage webinar series begin? 8/12/18

The next marriage webinar series called "Staying In Love On Purpose" begins 8/12/18 and will cover: 

1-Understanding and applying the concept of an emotional bank account to your relationship.

2-Discerning the top things you need in marriage to feel loved, respected, and wanted.

3-Discerning the top things in marriage that make you feel unloved, disrespected, and unwanted.

4-Learning how to provide regular feedback on this information to create positive change.


The three part series will be Sundays at 5pm MST for 45 minutes on 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26. Once you register below a confirmation email will be sent to you with the access code for the webinar series. Please check your spam folder in case it goes there and email with any questions.


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