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Christian singles Manchester & NH DatingWelcome to the site for Manchester Christian dating for Christian singles in Manchester. The average household income here is one of the largest in the country, and the land is as pretty as it gets, so it’s no surprise that the people here are also great. Unemployment is low and the whole state of New Hampshire has a very active and social population.


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Manchester is a country favorite. Whenever a ranking list comes out of U.S. cities, Manchester usually gets high, favorable scores. It’s not too expensive, not too crowded, and it has a fun, booming metropolis to spend time in. It’s the largest city in northern New England, and its early years were marked with a vision for industrialization. This led to cotton mills and factories that built everything from sewing machines to fire engines.

Thanks to those factories and the rising economy that came with them, Manchester’s mill town shows of some beautiful Victorian architecture that’s still around today. If you love architecture but the Victorian thing isn’t modern enough for you, go to the Frank Lloyd Wright Zimmerman House. It’s the only Wright house open to the public in New England, and his artistry shouldn’t be missed. Taking a walk around the city can be like taking a step into the past. Reminisce about life in other decades when you walk through Stark Park of the Valley Cemetery. Even if you don’t know anyone buried there, the paths are known for having lovely landscaping and decorative spots to sit and take in the surrounding beauty.

If you’re running low on first date ideas, why not do something themed by all things New Hampshire? Go skiing, drink apple cider, and keep an eye out for purple finches, and then you’ll have enjoyed the state sport, drink and bird all in the same night. You can get to the Atlantic Ocean if you need some beach time, or in about three hours you could be in Canada. For a change of scene, Boston is also relatively close.

New Hampshire has been home to many great firsts. Tupperware came from Berlin, the oldest summer resort in the States is in Wolfeboro, and Londonderry was the site of the first planted potato. The politics of the city, like many things in Manchester, go back to history. New Hampshire’s state motto is Live Free or Die, and you can see evidences of this in the few regulations. No sales tax, no enforced seat belt law, and no required auto insurance gives people freedom to live the way they see fit. Because of the pro-liberty movement, it’s likely that no matter what you’re passionate about promoting, you can either find someone already doing it, or you can gather people who are more than willing to help you.

This state is perfect if you like places that are completely livable and fun to be in. Now that you’ve found your way to a place that’s so perfect, it’s time to make some new friends! So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Manchester, you've come to the right place to find others like you.