Christian Singles Los Angeles

Christian singles Los Angeles

Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Los Angeles.  You’re probably here because you’re trying to find people like you, but it’s not always easy in a booming metropolis.  The next person you meet could be your one and only, but you’re going to have to keep your eyes open.  Californians are a special breed of people, and there are few who can understand you as well as an Angeleno.


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The coast of California is only one of the many wonders of the state, and when you live in Los Angeles, you get to look forward to miles of fantastic views. From Baja all the way up to Oregon, the coast of California paints gorgeous, breathtaking moments every hour of the day. Maybe all this beauty is why Los Angeles is known for so many creative venues.  It’s a vibrant city full of resilient, industrious people, and they are all clamoring to be heard.

It’s not surprising that people in California are known for their awareness and protection of the environment.  Surrounded by the ocean, mountains, the coast, and spanning climates from Mediterranean to subarctic, California is home to some wonderful sights.  These are all protected nearly vehemently by the people who live closest to them.  Their love for nature is a beautiful thing, because it means that everything from the sandy beaches to the giant Sequoias will be around for kids and couples to enjoy in the years to come.

But these Angelenos aren’t simply known for loving a good ocean view.  They generally have very respectful attitudes toward diversity, and love nothing better than to give everyone a chance.   Being different isn’t quite something that causes problems–in fact, people in California seem to expect life to be diverse. If there isn’t diversity, something is probably missing.  Many Californians are very proud of how well-rounded they can be, both socially, personally, and in other ways. And rightly so–it’s a great accomplishment to push yourself to grow and to have an open mind about learning new things.

People who live in California also tend to be health conscious and strive towards fitness through proper exercise and nutrition. What better reason for health is there than the beautiful outdoors?  Hollywood and La La Land are known for people who are paid to look good, but this sentiment can be found all over the state, too. The obesity rate in California is lower than the national average and shows just how much people care about living long, healthy lives.

Without healthy living, life can often fall flat, but that goes for being healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find someone who thinks just like you do, and wants to join you on walks along the coast and trips downtown? You can know as much as you want about what Angelenos are like, but if you don’t go out and talk to some, how will you ever meet the people who will positively have an impact on your life?  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place to find others like you.