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Christian Singles Little Rock & AR DatingWelcome to the premier site for Little Rock Christian dating for Christian singles in Little Rock.  We’re not surprised you live in Little Rock because it’s one of the best cities around!  It’s one of those places that often gets overlooked, yet it has a ton to offer.  With natural beauty nearly everywhere you look, and the people there are simply fantastic.  This southern state’s largest city is smack dab in the middle of everything and provides opportunities for fun all year ‘round.


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Long before European settlers took over, tribes such as the Cherokee, Quapaw, and Choctaw lived in the Little Rock area.  In the 1700s it was a crossroads for traders following the river.  A Frenchman named the area’s landmark “The Little Rock”, and from then on everyone else called it that.  The entirety of Arkansas is full of interesting history that is still celebrated, even one and two hundred years later.  You can visit Arkansas Post, the first permanent settlement of Europeans in the state.  Today you can also visit Mountain View, a pioneer town that hosts the Ozark Folk Festival every April.

In Arkansas you can be sure to see natural beauty.  The Ozarks cover a large part of the north part of the state.  This gorgeous region is not to be missed, even if it’s pouring rain outside, it’s worth it to see the green of the mountains.  Arkansas’ other natural bonus is to be the only state in the nation where you can find diamonds at an active diamond mine.  The “Uncle Sam” diamond, a 40.23-carat wonder, is the largest diamond to ever be found in North America.  Arkansas is also home to one of the only remaining free-flowing rivers in the contiguous states, the Buffalo River.   You can enjoy the wild scenery while kayaking on the river or even ziplining over it.

Looking for a match in Arkansas gives you an opportunity to see everything the state has to offer.   Even if you’ve lived here your entire life, it can always be fun to re-experience your favorite places with someone new at your side.  Visit the hot springs that originate in Hot Springs Mountain, go hiking in the Ozark hills, or traipse through the Esse Purse Museum.  In Little Rock you can also find the only school that is also a national park, the home of a submarine from World War II, and Heifer International’s village of livestock education.  This is certainly a diverse state!

People in Arkansas are laid back and know how to take a load off.  They don’t need the speed of giant cities or the rush of too much stress.  These southerners will do just about anything for their friends, whether it involves helping you move from one town to the other, or defending you.  If you’ve grown up here, dating another Arkansan could be just the ticket to having someone who completely understands where you’re coming from!  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Little Rock, you've come to the right place to find others like you.