Christian Singles Kansas City & MO Dating

Christian Singles Kansas City & MO Dating

Welcome to the premier site for Kansas City Christian dating for Christian singles in Kansas City. Are you an expert on everything there is to do and see in your city?  Kansas City is a fun place to live, and it’s full of great people. The more you know, the more fun you’ll be able to have in your own city.  This means heading out to the Plaza on Thanksgiving night, jump from Missouri to Kansas, and check out one of the biggest urban parks in the United States.  And don’t forget to bring someone along–life is more fun when you live it with friends!


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Kansas Citians are a proud people; they’re proud of their city, proud to know what burnt ends are, and proud of their fountains.  The fountains are turned on in April every year. You can tell the difference between North Kansas City and Kansas City, North, because there is a difference–one is a city (the former), and one is a region of the city.  You probably have to tell visitors this quite often, since the difference can be difficult to catch.

Your town is also known for wonderful, warm summer evenings.  Those are the best times to go to the Starlight Theater in Swope Park.  Broadway shows make appearances every year, and we wouldn’t blame you if you tried to see every show.  Summer nights are perfect for being outside, because they are never too hot.  In fact, Kansas City’s hottest summer average was at about 85 degrees–not too bad if you want to be able to spend time outside without dying of heatstroke.

If you have friends who love chocolate, introduce them to Christopher Elbow’s shop.  This is the guy who was Emeril’s pastry chef in Las Vegas, and now he makes lovely, fancy chocolates for all of Kansas City. Just remember that chocolate probably shouldn’t be the only thing you eat every day you go out.  Kansas City has a ton of great barbecue just waiting to be devoured, and this slow-cooked piece of heaven really needs your attention.

Kansas City may not be Los Angeles or Boston, but there is still a ton to see and enjoy on either side of the state line.  It’s the perfect place for exploring, with the Kansas City Zoo, Lakeside Nature Center, and the Kansas City Community Gardens.  There’s history packed in there, too, such as the Gateway Arch.  The arch was built to represent Western pioneers, especially those from Missouri. Ever heard of Amelia Earhart or Earnest Hemingway? Both lived in Kansas City, spreading their talent all over the world.

Why not get out and go explore with a new, friendly face?  You could visit the Missouri caves or tour the Anheauser-Busch Company.  If you prefer cool architecture, go check out Community Christian Church on 46th and Main–Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building, and it’s really impressive.  Whatever you do, Kansas City is a great place to have some fun. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Kansas City, you've come to the right place to find others like you.