Christian Singles Ft. Lauderdale & FL Dating

Christian Singles Ft. Lauderdale & FL Dating

Welcome to the premier site for Ft. Lauderdale Christian dating for Christian singles in Ft. Lauderdale. This Venice of America is home to a population that just buzzes with life. The city got its name from forts built during the Florida War in the early mid-1800s, which developed into a metropolis as the turn of the century approached. It boomed at the end of World War II, when thousands of service men returned to the area to settle down. Today the city is one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations.  Floridans are used to rolling with the changes that history throws at them, and they have the privilege of living in a very beautiful part of the country.


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Whenever groups of people gather in a single area, they tend to develop similar personalities.  People in Ft. Lauderdale are friendly and love to enjoy the sunshine and heat of the tropics. This unique city has nearly 170 miles of canals running throughout the city, thus the Venice nickname.   Living in a tropical rainforest climate is enough to draw many different kinds of people, with bright personalities as vibrant as the summer sun.

Living in Ft. Lauderdale as a single is fantastic because there is always an enormous array of things to do.  Depending on your mood or interests, you could spend the day at the beach, shopping, checking out the museum, or walking through a park.  Even though it often rains, summer days are still great times to spend with friends. If you don’t like snow or being cold, this is the place to be.  Being outside is easy–all you have to do is remember your sunglasses! If you want to be outside but would rather not move around too much, the largest drive-in movie theater takes over the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop at dusk.

How could Florida residents not enjoy the numerous parks, both natural and manmade? Seeing the great outdoors is a wonderful ways for friends to connect. Meet up with a group or go alone–no matter how you see the verdant environment, it’s sure to make you happy all the way down in your soul.  Don’t worry, the air conditioning will be there when you get home!

Ft. Lauderdale is the centerpiece of a lush world.  Warm, mild breezes, humidity, and heat, make this place a hot spot for beach bums.  The beaches in Florida are known for being pristine and widespread, but they each have their own personality, too.  Look for your favorite beach just like you’re looking for that perfect other person. Families won’t like the same spaces that all the college students do, and there are many other types of beaches that lie in between.

When you live in Ft. Lauderdale, it can be daunting to see such a huge city. You wonder if anyone is going to think like you or even love the same things that you do.  Luckily there are people just like that, and they might even be in your neighborhood.  All you have to do is go out and meet them. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Ft. Lauderdale, you've come to the right place to find others like you.