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Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Fort Collins. Ft Collins has been ranked as one of the best cities in America to live several years in a row because of its high quality education opportunities, numerous parks, and sound city infrastructure. It has a bustling downtown area with a tremendous amount of variety for stores, restaurants, and services. One of the most popular areas of Ft. Collins is the historic district where residents and visitors can walk up and down tree lined streets to admire the older homes built with incredible architecture. In addition, the pedestrian zone in the historic area is filled with outside cafes and quant mom and pop shops for miles in all directions. This area is typically crawling with people in the warmer months as families meet for lunch, couples come for dates, and singles come to relax. It’s rare for towns to have a distinct culture and identity that draws people but Ft. Collins has certainly accomplished that task. True to Colorado form, a lot of the restaurants provide health oriented foods, such as whole grain bread, lean cuts of meat, delicious vegetable medleys and the list goes on and on. One of the main mottos of Colorado exemplified in the restaurants of Ft. Collins is “feel good about what you eat.” Therefore, many believe in eating things that are both delicious and nutritious instead of just one or the other.


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Right next to the historic town mecca is the world famous Colorado State University, referred to as CSU by locals. CSU has an extensive campus filled with magnificent trees and distinct architecture.  It has numerous walking paths throughout where students and visitors can casually stroll along and take in the aura of college life for the thousands of students who call CSU their home. CSU has also recently launched an online program called CSU-Global and has the unique distinction of being the only 100% public online platform for higher education available in the United States. Not surprisingly, it’s grown tremendously in the past several years since its launch and is bringing more recognition to the wonderful city of Ft. Collins where it was birthed.  

Last but not least, Ft. Collins is famous for its camping, hiking, biking, and boating. There are several state parks in the foothills west of Ft. Collins that provide something for everyone. Mountain bikers especially enjoy these parks where they can tackle the mountain trails ranging from moderate and difficult to mild and easy. The trails are usually single track and are filled with varying levels of rock since they are a part of the Rocky Mountains. The bikers who populate these trails usually develop a sense of community by watching out for one another’s safety and exchanging friendly hellos as they pass one another. All in all, Ft Collins provides a unique blend of culture, amenities, education, and nature that pleases the majority of people who visit there every year and decide to call it their home.  For more information on this wonderful town click here. So, if you’re looking for the best Christian site for singles and dating in Ft Collins, CO you’ve come to the right place to find others like yourself.