Marriage Help Hour

Fridays at 5pm (March 1, 8 & 15 in 2019)


The culture of relationship mentors used to be deeply ingrained in our society. Most marriages and thus families were in tact so it was relatively easy to find mentors to guide you through difficult questions and seasons in your relationship. However, today we live in a different world. With the divorce rate around 50% for first time marriages and higher for second and third marriages, finding and having relationship mentors has become nearly impossible. As a result, Dr. Wyatt Fisher is now offering Marriage Help Hours on Fridays at 5pm MST.  


How Does This Work?

The Marriage Help Hours will be live video sessions hosted through Zoom. All you do is register below and an email will be sent to you with an access code to click when it's time for the Marriage Help Hours to begin. The same link will be used for all three Marriage Help Hours. The sessions can be viewed from anywhere and on any device. Each Marriage Help Hour will last around 45 minutes and will include Dr. Wyatt Fisher responding to all questions presented by attendees. Questions will be submitted anonymously to protect confidentiality. Each session will also be recorded in case you need to view it at a later time. Only one registration is needed per couple and will include three Marriage Help Hours on 3/1/19, 3/8/19, and 3/15,19.


Who's leading the Marriage Help Hours?

free marriage webinarDr. Wyatt Fisher is a Licensed Psychologist with a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he specializes in marriage counseling in his private practice, he's on the Focus and the Family referral list, and he's a professor at Liberty University. He also leads Christian marriage retreats several times a year in both Colorado and Texas.


"All content in the webinar was positive and very helpful. Every married couple should attend this. It was an excellent presentation that I highly recommend." (previous atttendant).


What are the benefits of the Marriage Help Hours?

1-It's only $79 per couple for three sessions compared to $450 for three marriage counseling sessions.

2-It's convenient by being accessible on any device anywhere in the world plus it's recorded for later viewing if needed. 

3-It provides opportunity to see you're not alone in your marriage challenges.

4-It provides an effective format to learn from other couple's difficulties. 

5-It provides opportunity to ask questions live to Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a licensed psychologist specializing in marriage counseling.

6-It provides a sense of hope and encouragement having a marriage mentor for your relationship.


“This was a fantastic seminar that touched on all important issues in marriage, Wyatt was very well spoken with a great mix of life experience and humor.” (previous attendant)

 marriage help hours


What will be covered in the Marriage Help Hours? 

This will depend on the couples attending. The format is open to whatever questions couples ask, such as how to avoid obligation sex, how to fight fair, how to approach money, how to become a unified front with kids, how to have an equal work load, how to deal with in-laws, etc, the sky is the limit! Couples are encouraged to send their questions to Dr. Fisher in advance to He will be sure to address all questions presented.


"The session had excellent insight and content. I learned a lot. The structure was well thought out and kept my attention." (previous attendant)


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