Free Marriage Booster:

Establishing a Covenant Foundation (10/7/18)

Welcome to the registration page for the next free marriage booster on Establishing a Covenant Foundation for your relationship. The live video session will be hosted through Zoom. All you do is register below and an email will be sent to you with an access code to click when it's time for the webinar. It can be viewed from anywhere and on any device. The webinar will last around 45 minutes and will include Dr. Wyatt Fisher presenting, application time for couples, and Q & A. It will also be recorded in case you need to view it at a later time. Only one registration is needed per couple.


Who's leading the free marriage booster?

free marriage webinarDr. Wyatt Fisher is a Licensed Psychologist with a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he specializes in marriage counseling in his private practice, he's on the Focus and the Family referral list, and he's a professor at Liberty University. He also leads Christian marriage retreats several times a year in both Colorado and Texas.


"All content in the webinar was positive and very helpful. Every married couple should attend this. It was an excellent presentation that I highly recommend." (previous atttendant).


What are the benefits of the free marriage booster?

1-It's free compared to marriage counseling sessions costing $150 each.

2-It's convenient by being able to access it on any device and no matter where you are. 

3-It provides time to start re-prioritizing your relationship.

4-It provides practical tools to apply immediately to start benefitting your marriage. 

5-It provides opportunity to ask questions live to Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a licensed psychologist specializing in marriage counseling.


“This was a fantastic seminar that touched on all important issues in marriage, Wyatt was very well spoken with a great mix of life experience and humor.” (previous attendant)

 free marriage webinar


What will be covered in the free marriage booster? 

1-Seasons of marriage. All marriages go through seasons like our weather and understanding this concept will change how you view challenges in your relationship.

2-Marriage as a living organism. Learning to view your relationship as a living organism will show you how to care for it differently.

3-Marriage as a covenant vs a contract. How you approach your marriage will greatly impact how you respond to problems when they occur.

4-Sanctification within marriage. God uses challenges in your marriage to refine you to become more like Him. 

5-God's design for men within marriage. Men who learn their design within marriage greatly improve their response within it.


"The session had excellent insight and content. I learned a lot. The structure was well thought out and kept my attention." (previous attendant)


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