Flatirons Church Singles & Marriage! 

Flatirons Church always has amazing sermons and music.

But sometimes it can be helpful to have more resources for application.

This page will review 5 powerful resources available for singles and married couples!

 Flatirons Church singles & marrieds


Before I begin, let me introduce myself......I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher

I'm a believer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage Counselor in Boulder, CO and I attend Flatirons.

I'm also on the Focus on the Family referral list and a professor at Liberty University.

Below are five resources I provide for Flatirons members in CO and beyond.


 1-Christian singles 

True Christian singles desire to be equally yoked.

However, finding other believers to date can be difficult.

My site is the only Christian owned dating site in the US and I provide two weeks free to get started.


2-Porn Addiction Help

Porn addiction is the sleeping giant in the Church.

Men who are addicted to porn are crippled with shame and guilt rather than being victorious for Jesus.

It's time to break the chains beginning with my online Pornbattle seminar that was presented at Shift for Flatirons Church.


3-Couples Bible Study

Want to learn how to experience true oneness in your marriage in body, soul, and spirit as God intended?

I've created an online couples Bible study just for you. 

Available anytime from anywhere.


4-Christian Marriage Retreats

Satan loves destroying marriages.

The divorce rate is nearly 50% for both believers and non believers.

However, those attending marriage retreats substantially reduce their risk of divorce.

I provide a retreat called the Colorado Marriage Refresh several times a year in Denver and Church staff are always free.

5-Marriage Counseling

Our flesh, the world, and Satan attack marriages every day.

Needless to say, marriage can be overwhelming at times.

Thankfully, God can use marriage counseling to turn marriages around for His glory.

I have a practice in Boulder, CO where I specialize in marriage counseling.


History of Flatirons Church 


Flatirons has not always been a mega church and actually began from very humble beginnings.

Back in the mid 1990’s it started as a small congregation of 50-100 members at the Planetarium on the University of Colorado campus near Kittredge dormitory.


Say What!


In those days, a new cutting edge pastor, Gil Jones, was brought on board to provide fresh leadership and energy to the struggling church. Through his anointed messages and the spirit filled music, the congregation began growing by leaps and bounds.

Before long, they had outgrown the Planetarium seating capacity and changed locations to Fairview High School in Boulder, which became its new platform for a year or two before outgrowing that facility as well.

Next, it moved to a small shopping center off of South Boulder Road in Lafayette.  This location served the congregation quite well for several years as membership continued to climb and ministries grew. 

Before long, this facility also became too small so Flatirons bought a nearby carpet store as their new location. The new carpet store is where Flatirons really began emerging as a mega church as people from all around Colorado began hearing of its reputation.


Here it comes:


Unfortunately, it was also during this time that lead pastor Gil Jones fell morally with another staff member, leading to a period of instability, leadership change, and membership decline.

After several interim Pastors came and went, God finally led Jim Burgen to Flatirons and under his new leadership things began to turn around.


Can I get an Amen?


Before long, Flatirons Community Church was again growing by leaps and bounds and finally began to outgrow the carpet store, prompting the purchase of a nearby Walmart as its newest location. God continues to use Pastor Jim in mighty ways and the congregation continues to flourish.

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I was part of the first Flatirins Singles group 45 and over. It started near the transition to the former feed store from the former carpet store with about 35 of us when Gil pastored and grew quickly doubling in size every meeting to about 400. I also helped start a single mothers group I named SOUL-O moms with a unique childcare that met on the same sundays nights as the singles but just ahead of them that offered time to mingle with the larger group of men and women as well. After several years and a series on sex and the Bible that drew many younger singles to the church, it decided without the older singles input first to combine us all, took away our Sunday nights moving us to Friday nights which did not work well for the older singles. Some of us also had young adult kids meeting altogether. It was a sad time as we lost our older singles community that used to meet in the literally 400 to 10 ratio of us our age that attended. Singles need that opportunity and format menu that offered a very large group of older singles that also had break out smaller groups with bible study and then a social time afterward with a place for single moms to share in their journey also. I was there in the carpet store to the former walmart building but neither pastor would consider that format again for older singles who when the need is there need the larger space and separation by generation to be successful. Flatirons is not the only church who told us that we had no more Sunday night to meet as we had been doing. This happened in a previous church as well. Older singles need a large space by our age group to meet in and Sunday night was and is the best night in my experience with 2 churches and 2 decades of working with singles. I would come back to Flatirons to help in that ministry if they ever decide to do it again. I am missing the original Flatirons older singles ministry. Thanks for at least this forum. RaptureDancer

By RaptureDancer on May 20, 2018 @ 1:14am MT 65
Dr. Wyatt
Wow Rapture Dancer, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Flatirons Church!

By Dr. Wyatt on May 22, 2018 @ 10:12pm MT

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