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Christian singles Detroit & MI datingWelcome to the premier site for Detroit Christian Dating for Christian singles in Detroit. There’s no time like the present to appreciate your city. The people of Detroit are resilient and always up for a good time. As you head out into the world and make new friends, don’t forget to stop and enjoy everything this city offers to anyone ready to explore.


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One of the best parts about living in Michigan is always being close to the water. The Great Lake State is known for touching four of the five Great Lakes, so there is always a lake or stream nearby. If you love cars, check out the summertime Woodward Dream Cruise, where thousands congregate to look at classic cars, which is fitting since Detroit’s history is steeped in automobiles.

The rest of the country can thank Detroit for creating some major musical greats. It’s known as the birthplace of techno (there’s an electronic music festival there every year). Other famous contributors include Diana Ross, The Temptations, Madonna, and the White Stripes. How’s that for amazing? There must be something in the water – Detroit is also home to some phenomenal sports. This is where you’ll find the Gold Cup of hydroplaning boats. Sound cool? It is. The race is one of the oldest in all of motorsports, and watching the boats slice through the water is a fun date idea. It’s also Hockeytown, USA, and the Red Wings have won more Stanley Cups than any other U.S. team.

Recovery means banding together. In the aftermath of the city’s bankruptcy, communities have taken the opportunity to show that they are stronger than ever. Abandoned lots have become public gardens and organizations are banding together to raise up an army of entrepreneurial local businesses for the greater good. Everywhere you look, strangers are becoming friends. It’s almost more of a village than a city now – grassroots groups are fostering creative communities. In fact, just a couple of years ago Forbes declared that Detroit is one of the best cities for entrepreneurs.

It’s hard to talk about visiting or living in any city without talking about food. What you eat can say a lot about the kind of person you are. If you have a date this weekend and happen to be a carnivore, head to Slows Bar B Q, home to delicious Carolina barbecue. Join in on the hot dog feud by tasting the coneys from downtown, or head for a classic Detroit pizza. It’s like the child of New York and Chicago styles, and the crispy, deep-dish crust is to die for. Make sure you grab some pop to chase your dinner with!

Locals and transplants alike can find something to love about Detroit. The area is unique and the people here are fantastic. You’ll find cultural richness spanning from French and English to Arabic and Spanish – no matter who you are, you can meet people with common interests in this city. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Detroit, you've come to the right place to find others like you.