Couples Bible Study | Online Marriage Refresh | Best 2018!

Exhausted from feeling disconnected and continually struggling in your marriage? 

Just getting started and want to know how to do marriage right? 

This page will introduce you to the most powerful online couples Bible study available!


"I seriously loved this study, I feel like I was given life long tools that if implemented could transform my marriage....loved it." (previous viewer)


"This couples Bible study was really great. I loved the content. Very insightful. I am excited to implement everything we covered. I also thought Wyatt had great stories, a great speaking voice, and was very engaging." (previous viewer) 


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Who needs to view it?

All couples.....that was easy to answer! 

God loves marriage and hates divorce; therefore, investing in marriage blesses families, the Church, and the community.

Since we are sinful by nature, we all drift in the wrong direction in marriage towards selflishness, busyness, and isolation.

God wants us to thrive in marriage but most of us haven't been taught how to.


What's the format? 

The study has six 40 minute video sessions that have been professionally recorded for online viewing.

Your purchase never expires and there's no limit to how many times you can view the sessions. 

Each purchase also includes a downloadable workbook for couples to take notes in for application.


What's the history of it?

This Bible study for couples is based on the popular Christian marriage seminar, the Marriage Refresh provided in both Texas and Colorado.

After countless couples requested it be made available to their family and friends living out of state, the seminar was professionally recorded in a studio to make it accessible to couples living anywhere in the world. 


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“The topics discussed include all that are tearing marriages apart and I feel this study can help any marriage, new or seasoned. I love Wyatt’s energy, stories, personal testimony, the videos, and his humor. It didn’t feel like a sermon or lecture but real life lessons we should all hear!” (Previous Viewer)

What's covered?

1-God's Covenant Foundation. This session will show you what approaching your marriage as a covenant means. God loves covenant marriages because it takes commitment seriously and has a long-term view on the relationship.


2-Owning Our Brokenness. We are all fallen and broken, which is why we need a Savior. This brokenness often tangles with our spouse's brokenness and creates all sorts of problems. Therefore, we must become aware of our fallen nature, where it comes from, and how it impacts our marriage.


3-Falling In Love. While God may be more interested in our holiness than our happiness, He also wants us to feel in love in marriage because that's when we are experiencing His design. However, staying in love can be difficult. This session will show you how.


4-Establishing Emotional Attachment. God wants us to have our spouse's back at all times and feel close and safe with them. As He protects and cares for us we are to care and protect them. This session will show you how to create and sustain that closeness.


5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks. God made sex; therefore, sex is good and should be enjoyed by married couples. However, most couples have sexual problems for a variety of reasons and aren't experiencing what God had in mind. This session will show you specific steps to get there. 


6-Sharing Power. Part of loving and honoring your spouse is making sure they have a voice and equal power in the relationship. Unfortunately, many spouse's criticize and try to dominate one another. This session will show you how to accept differences and reach enthusiastic agreement on all decisions.


"The Bible study for couples was very informative, entertaining, and well thought out. Wyatt was funny and gave great examples from his own marriage. I wouldn't change a thing, I will be recommending this to others." (previous viewer)


Who Leads It?

The study is created and presented by Dr. Wyatt Fisher who is a licensed psychologist, on the Focus and the Family referral list, and a professor at Liberty University. Wyatt's been married since 1999 and his own marriage has been to the brink of divorce and back. Therefore, he helps couples from both a personal and professional perspective.


*This study is the perfect resource for either a Church class, small group, or for couples to view privately together.