Christian Singles Cincinnati 

Christian singles Cincinnati

Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Cincinnati.  Isn’t it time that you found more people like you?  It can be hard to find other like-minded people in this world of hustle and bustle, but you’ve come to the right place.  Cincinnati is full of singles who know why Ohio is the place to be. Don’t head south to Kentucky or north to Michigan–stick to Ohio and you’ll see that the best things in life are colored in orange (just like the entire state on a game day).


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When you know the history of the town or area you live in, it can be easier to not only find things to do, but to understand how to find others who think like you.  Have you ever wondered why you think of that fantastic bubbly beverage as “pop” and other people call it “soda” or “Coke”?  Living in the same state creates a sort of common denominator between people because they pick up the same habits and values. Cincinnati is in an area that brims with shared history. For example, there are hundreds of descendants of soldiers in the area. After the Revolutionary War, many soldiers were given land to farm so they could retire in peace.

The people who live in Cincinnati are a special breed of people. The city definitely fits in with the north, though it has a distinct Midwest flavor.  Everyone works hard and is extremely down-to-earth, and there is always a friendly face to talk to.  How could they not be friendly, when they all share experiences with the seasons of “winter” and “construction” and tend to end sentences with prepositions that other states wouldn’t dream of putting there.

Cincinnati has more than enough things to do.  Make sure you hit all the things on your bucket list, like seeing the nation’s 12th largest public library, having a mini vacation at Kings Island, and touring the abandoned Cincinnati Subway.  No one can be bored when the second oldest zoo in the states is in Cincinnati–looking at exotic animals isn’t just for kids on school field trips!  Take advantage of all the nice days you can get, since the weather might turn from summer to winter later in the afternoon. Color your day with the Findlay Market, where people watching and finding dinner go hand in hand.

Be proud of your city and your state; Cincinnati is in the middle of a beautiful landscape, will gorgeous rolling hills and a peaceful countryside.  Just a short drive away, you can explore Appalachian Ohio, or you can head north to the Great Lakes. Today is the perfect day to try something new. Grab a new friend and go exploring.  See if you can learn something about the history of your city, or go on a quest to find the best chili in town. Everywhere you go, you’ll find others who want to see the same things you do.  Without the people in this city, Cincinnati just wouldn’t be the same.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Cincinnati, you've come to the right place to find others like you.