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"The section on addressing our brokenness was the most impactful. We learned what causes our conflicts and how we cycle. This online couples Bible study was amazing, we are so grateful for the opportunity and we feel an openness for transformation!" (previous viewer)


What are the benefits?

1-This couples Bible study provides a tremendous amount of tools to be applied now and into the future of your marriage.


2-You'll understand negative patterns in your relationship and how to reverse them.


3-You'll see a path to true oneness in your marriage as God intended.


4-You'll understand what specific ingredients are needed to stay in love or fall back in love.


5-You'll feel a renewed sense of closeness with your spouse along with Scriptural references to get you there.


6-You'll experience an increased desire to honor Christ and your spouse like never before.


"The presenter seems to be such a genuine person with wisdom and life experience that's so helpful. He's funny, kind, and easy to listen to...so good!" (previous viewer)


With this purchase you'll receive six 40 minute video sessions professionally recorded plus a downloadable workbook designed to bless your marriage with true oneness in body, soul, and spirit.