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Christian singles Chicago & IL DatingWelcome to the premier site for Chicago Christian dating for Christian singles in Chicago. If you’re living here, you know that Chicago is so much more than meets the eye. You know exactly what makes your city one of the greatest places to be in the world – the people. Vibrant, friendly, and open to just about anything fun, Chicagoans really did break the mold of awesome things. One of the best ways to see the town is by bike or foot, when you can really enjoy all the smallest details. 


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Every night could feature a new place to chow down and a new place to hang out with friends. Grab someone special and listen to the swelling sounds of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, or get outside and catch a game at the historic Wrigley Field. If you love to keep moving, the ferris wheel at Navy Pier is a must-see. It towers 150 feet in the air and is such an iconic image of the Chicago landscape that we wouldn’t blame you if you tried to ride it every week. The rest of Navy Pier is perfect for a date – there is so much to do that there’s excitement around every corner. Test your swing playing mini golf, or let your inner competitor come out racing the remote control boats. The list of fun, date-night-ready activities is never-ending in this city. Whether you love the ocean, science, or theater, there’s something for everyone.

Almost 3 million people call Chicago their home – that makes the Windy City the third largest in the entire nation. Chicagoans are known for being up-front and blunt about just about everything. Ask a question and you’ll get an honest answer. They can hustle and bustle as well as any large city, but it’s definitely more laid-back than New York or Los Angeles. The city is diverse and booms with a creative population that pumps out art and music like nobody’s business.

Many of the best restaurants in the U.S. are in Chicago, so you’ll never go hungry. Dive into M. Henry for some of the most delicious breakfast concoctions on the planet, or grab a pint and some mussels at Hopleaf Bar. No matter your tastes – seafood, burgers, steak or veggies – Chicago knows how to whip something up right in time for dinner. Wake up in the morning at Metropolis Coffee Company. Experience the famous Chicago style hot dog; sink your teeth into deep-dish pizza; cram in a gym shoe of gyros and corned beef for good measure. There’s no excuse for eating boring food when you’re on these streets.

This amazing metropolis started out as a trading post, but it took less than two decades for it to quadruple in size. Since the beginning, Chicago has been a place of growth and invention. Factories and plants gave jobs to immigrants, and the city even built the U.S.’s first skyscraper (a whopping ten stories high!). Chicago’s wealthy cultural diversity exists in part because of the standing promises of innovation. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Chicago, you've come to the right place to find others like you.