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Christian singles Charlotte

Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Charlotte. North Carolina has a history of creating firsts, from first towns to first famous beverages (Pepsi, anyone?), and now is your chance to create your own list of firsts. There’s no time like the present to learn a little about your city and yourself. It’s a good thing you’re here, because it’s time to explore a little history before moving on to the excitement of the future.


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Since North Carolina was the first state to get a state museum of art, it’s only fitting that you discover some art of your own this year. Finding love is differently for everyone; sometimes it’s like walking into a hall full of impressionist paintings and seeing your favorite on the opposite wall. Sometimes, though, you realize that you really, sincerely dislike impressionism. If art isn’t quite your thing, how about music? This state was also the first to form a state symphony.

All this art and culture reflects the beauty of the landscape. Just a bit east of Charlotte you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches and coastline the East Coast has to offer. You hardly need to go out of state or country to find a romantic spot for a date.  Everything you need is right here – visit the ocean one week and the lush, verdant mountains the next. For that matter, you could just take a walk outside. The weather is fine enough that temperate winters and warm summer nights make the outdoors a great option for nights out with friends.

One thing you can count on in North Carolina is good ol’ Southern hospitality. It seems like everyone wants to know you, and you can count on just about every waitress in the city calling you some variant of “Honey” or “Sugar”.  There’s always a friendly face around when you need a hand with something, and very little in this world can’t be fixed with a huge glass of sweet tea. The BBQ is delicious, home cookin’ is everywhere, and you’re never at a lack of other treats to eat and drink.

Charlotte might be full of Southern hospitality, but the area is full of more than nice, happy people. The university at Chapel Hill was one of the first public state universities in the nation, and the rest of the state is known for having an excellent university system.  The schools have certainly had a lot of practice hiring the best and brightest to teach new students. 

If you’ve been in the area a while, don’t forget to enjoy yourself.  Finding other singles (or just a particular special one) often means you get to stretch yourself to explore new places.  Take a drive and visit Mount Mitchell, or Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall in the eastern U.S.  Go for a tour of history on Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields, or head out into downtown Charlotte in search for the best food in the city. No matter the flavors you like to have in your life, Charlotte is a great place to live.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Charlotte, you've come to the right place to find others like you.