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Christian dating sites Canada for Christian singlesWelcome to the premier Christian dating site in Canada for Christian singles. Oh, Canada. If only the rest of the world could be like you. Few countries manage to leave such a positive impression on so many other people. Maybe it’s from their multicultural background or the cool weather, but there’s just something about Canada.


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If you really want to get a taste of Canada and its people, you should know a little something about the country. Canadians are some of the most diverse people in the world. America might be a melting pot, but Canada isn’t too far away with citizens who have heritage from the entire world. British and French settlers weren’t the first to build homes in Canada. Aboriginal Canadians left behind complex and fascinating evidences of civilizations that archeologists have outlined in museums all over the country. It was the beginning of Canada’s intricate cultural background – a rich history that you can see in Canadian cities still today.

Singles love Canada because it tends to be a bit more politically liberal and is full of every kind of person you can imagine. They’re thinner and often healthier thanks to free health care. With funny guys such as Jim Carrey, Michael Cera and Martin Short all hailing from Canada, you know that Canadians probably get to laugh more than anyone else.

Lots of Americans are probably secretly jealous of Canada just for the thick European culture that still permeates many of the larger cities. If you don’t love the look of Old Europe, how about the tastes of modern days? You can get Kinder Eggs and buy Cuban cigars and stuff yourself with ketchup chips while you reach for mint Aero bars. Of course, you’ll be outside enjoying a walk, and the exercise cancels out all the junk food, right? Grab a friend and enjoy fries with gravy, a delicacy that few other nationalities truly understand. The French use mayo, the Americans use ketchup, but the Canadians know that gravy sends fries to heaven.

Canada is full of great, booming metropolises that are incredibly unique. Toronto might have the best Trinidadian food that’s not actually from Trinidad, and the people there are extremely diverse – about half of them natively speak languages other than French and English. In Montreal you’ll find pieces of quaint, old France blended with modern times. You can enjoy jazz clubs, Notre-Dame, and Mont Royal all in one day. On the other side of the country, Vancouver boasts a Hollywood-esque vibe as the site of many feature films. This travel-friendly hotspot is bursting with life. The mountains and the ocean are minutes away almost no matter where you live. How could anyone argue with that?

One might say that Canadians are more reserved than their southern neighbors, and you don’t hear them boasting too often, even though they invented basketball. If you’re looking for love this year, don’t look any further than your Canadian hometown. The people here are some of the best in the world. So, if you’re a Christian, single, and living in Canada, you’ve come to the right place to find others like yourself.