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Christian singles Bridgeport & CT DatingWelcome to the premier site for Bridgeport Christian dating for Christian singles in Bridgeport.  It may not be the capital of the state, but it’s where all the best things happen.  Connecticut has been home to Native Americans and Europeans for hundreds of years.  Thanks to you, the rest of the country has lollipops and the oldest running published newspaper, The Hartford Courant.  It was one of two states to never ratify the amendment for prohibition, and it has the oldest public library in the U.S.  As the largest city in Connecticut, Bridgeport offers a lot to a single person looking to find their perfect match. There is always something to do, and there is always someone to do things with!


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Bridgeport, the home of circus pro P.T. Barnum, was also the birthplace of the Polaroid camera and the first official hamburger.  If you go way back, you could see dinosaur fossils all over the state.  Fast forward to the 1600 and 1700s, when settlers first arrived from the other side of the Atlantic.  In downtown Bridgeport you can hang around Golden Hill, which was once a Paugussett holy area.  Like the local Native Americans, the European settlers in the area became farmers and fishermen until sewing machines and other technology appeared and the town rapidly expanded into industrialism.

Have some fun at the free Housatonic Museum of Art, a community college where you can see an amazing collection of art by some of the most famous names of the industry. Today you’ll find a lot of tourists going through this historic town, thanks to the part it has played in the life of our country, as well as its proximity to New York City and Boston. If you’d like to stick around Bridgeport, it’s filled to the brim with culture.  Take a date to the Black Rock Art Center, where you can see performance art from around the world.  Every year the Center hosts music performances from well-known artists, and you can also go there to see films and look at art.

The people in Bridgeport tend to be socially liberal and move at a fast pace.  They are pretty reserved, but once you make friends they will be around for life.  Since it was the fifth state in the nation, Connecticut has had a long time to develop a strong personality.  The streets are gorgeous and you have direct access to some of the prettiest little towns on the shore that you could find on the entire east coast. 

When you live in Bridgeport you are close to everything you could possibly need.  The beach and mountains are just a drive away.  The landscape is beautiful, and the people know how to get what they want.  Grab a friend and taste what the Chowdafest has to offer, or see a play at one of the many theaters.  The bustling city area is home to all sorts of city-lovers and you’re sure to find more than one person who loves just the same things that you do.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Bridgeport, you've come to the right place to find others like you.