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Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Boulder. People who live in Colorado tend to be very friendly to the environment through reducing and reusing whenever possible. Most neighborhoods provide excellent recycling programs as do most businesses. It’s also common for large events and concerts to have eco-friendly options for disposing waste. Living green and reducing one’s carbon footprint are common slogans here.

Colorado is also well known for its incredible outdoor life filled with hiking, skiing, biking, and rafting.  If you enjoy being active outside it’s really hard to beat the backwoods of Colorado. Within a 5 mile ride one can access multiple trails for all sorts of activities. Hiking is a part of most people’s lives here and is one of the most common outdoor activities during the warmer months. Colorado is also filled with some of the best mountain biking trails in the world ranging from easy to extremely difficult.


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Christian singles Boulder


In addition, most people in Colorado proudly proclaim the state has over 300 days of sunshine per year.  Most other states only have half that much.  It’s easy to take this for granted until traveling to other places, especially northern states who receive large amounts of grey skies and overcast weather. Colorado receives sun even during the cold months so while we may get a lot of snow, the sun is usually out within a few hours warming things back up again.

People in Colorado also appreciate the majestic mountains and serene views filling the landscape. While driving along I-70 headed west one will encounter incredible views of sweeping white peaks along with jagged mountain tops flush with the road. Traveling into the mountains is a treat no matter what time of year. In the summer there’s plenty of camping, hiking, and biking and in the colder months there’s world renowned ski resorts at your fingertips.

As most people know, Boulder is continually ranked as one of the top places to live in the US because of its unique culture, educational status, and exceptional beauty. In particular, many people enjoy frequenting the Pearl Street Mall and Chataqua Park. Pearl Street is an open air mall spanning several blocks and filled with numerous shops and restaurants. It’s a favorite place for both locals and tourists alike and is filled with cultural events throughout the year. Chataqua Park is one of the most popular locations to hike for those living in Boulder and offers amazing hiking for all skill levels. Some people take light family hikes while others use Chataqua to access the famous Flatiron rock formations for climbing, which creates the beautiful backdrop for Boulder.

Lastly, people in Colorado tend to be extremely health conscious through regular exercise and healthy diets.  Pedestrians tend to run the town in Boulder and also have the right away so car drivers must be very careful of the occasional biker or runner who may dart in front of you any minute. If getting in shape is contagious, Boulder is a great place to live because everywhere you turn you’ll see people doing something exercise oriented whether it’s for fun or in preparation for a major competition. For more information on this dynamic place click here. So, if you're looking for the best Christian site for singles and dating in Boulder, CO you've come to the right place to find others like yourself.