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Christian Singles Boise & ID DatingWelcome to the premier site for Boise Christian dating for Christian singles in Boise. The rest of the nation might believe you spent all your time harvesting potatoes, but at least you actually know how to pronounce the word “Boise”.  In fact, Idaho is a lovely state full of lovely people, but of course you know this because you live here.  Even when you get stuck on the road because a herd of livestock has decided to chill in front of your car, you can’t help but smile.  And there’s no beating the Owyhee River or the foothills.  Few other states can really understand what real mountains look like, but in Boise you know what natural beauty really is.


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Boise’s history goes back to the mid-1800s, when the army built Fort Boise on the Oregon Trail.  Settlers were being attacked and the fort was deemed necessary to keep people safe. When Idaho became a state in 1890, Boise was named the capital.  The name comes from the French for “wooded” or “forest”, since French guides saw the heavily wooded landscape bordering the Boise River.  Since the first settlers, the area around Boise has flourished.

Thanks to Idaho, the world is a better place.  Without Rigby, the world might not have television.  This town was the home of Philo Farnsworth, who created the technology. Idaho was also the first state to have a ski resort built with vacationers in mind–you can visit it at Sun Valley.  The outdoor resort has been open for nearly 80 years and offers everything from skiing and riding to mountain biking and shopping.

One of the benefits of living in Idaho is being able to spend time in the great outdoors.  You can visit Shoshone Falls, which plummets over 200 feet and is often compared to Niagara Falls.  If you see them in the springtime, when the mountain snows are melting, the falls are dramatically breathtaking.  For those who would rather get in the water, instead of simply looking at it, the Idaho Hot Springs are world-famous for being a great place to relax and take some time for yourself. Sitting in a natural hot tub can also be pretty romantic, as long as you’re not sharing the space with any awkward visitors.

If you have a taste for history, visit old ghost towns such as Silver City–where you can stay in the restored Idaho Hotel–or Neal, which began as a mining town in the late 1800s.  You can explore them with your friends, or find another town that has official tours.  Take a walk in Downtown Boise and pretend to be a tourist seeing everything for the first time.  If you haven’t experienced the Alive after Five concerts or First Thursday art walks, grab a new friend and you can appreciate the events together.  There is always a chance of meeting someone new and interesting on the streets of Boise, and no one will understand your love for Idaho like a local. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Boise, you've come to the right place to find others like you.