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Christian singles Anchorage | single men & women in AlaskaWelcome to the premier site for Christian singles in Anchorage.  Anchorage is surrounded by so much beauty, it’s not hard to believe that the people who live inside the city would be just as impressive. Few other people could even understand what it means to live in Alaska.  Breathtaking moments are everywhere and they deserve to be enjoyed like a fine wine should be savored, or a great movie should be watched on repeat. Why not take a moment now to sit back and think about just how great the state of Alaska really is?


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If you live in Anchorage, you already know what it means to be Alaskan. New York City might be the only other North American place to have a higher percentage of its population living in the state’s largest city, but Anchorage has actual wildlife, and trees.  Eagles, moose, bears, and people, all living in the largest state.  What’s not to love in the young city of Anchorage?  It has barely been around for 100 years, but maybe that’s why it’s such a great place to be.  Such a young place can’t have as many bad qualities as older, tired cities; it can be exciting to live in a town that is so open to new thoughts and ideas.

As you try to find love in this city of thousands, don’t forget to keep spending time with the land that you love. Those mountains will be around forever, but you won’t always have the time or presence of mind to enjoy them.  The bitterness of winter might not feel like the best time to experience the wonders of Alaska (yet those lingering sunsets are gorgeous, aren’t they?), but that doesn’t mean the fun of summer is in any way diminished.  Long, warm days create an incredible backdrop for hiking, biking, and camping.

But let’s not forget any of the history of the place.  Anchorage was once the primary trading hub for many Native Alaskan clans, nearly all of whom have a different language in several different dialects. That diversity reigns today in the friendly smiling faces of most Alaskans. Every day in Anchorage or the rest of Alaska is an adventure.  One day you can go ice climbing, the next mountain biking within view of snowcaps that glisten like gemstones. The variety of recreation is so much like a hodgepodge of the best things in life that it’s no surprise that you can also find some of the best kinds of people in Alaska.

Choosing to live in Alaska is like choosing to stick with your family.  Every area has a different personality, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t get along.  Alaskans are known to have tightly knit communities that stay together through thick and thin.  If you want to find love, this is the place to do it. The people you find here are friendly, loyal, and fun to be around–which sounds a lot like you! So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Anchorage, you've come to the right place to find others like you.