Christian Singles Alexandria & VA Dating

Christian Singles Alexandria & VA Dating

Welcome to the premier site for Alexandria Christian dating for Christian singles in Alexandria. You probably already know that Virginia is one of the most amazing states in the United States.  How can you deny that lush green trees, great people, and lots of history combine to make the best in the South?  In Alexandria you have the benefit of proximity to D.C., quaint Old Town Alexandria, and the coastline.  Any city that’s as old as Alexandria is sure to have special quirks, but each one gives you the best activities with some of the best people in the world.


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Virginia has played a huge role in the history of America.  The first settlers made their home there in the late 1600s and began to grow and sell tobacco products.  When the District of Columbia was established, Old Town Alexandra was actually included in the land allotted to that area, but then the District shrunk, and the land was returned and Alexandria created a new charter. During the Civil War, Alexandria was occupied by the Union and many slaves retreated behind those lines and began to work as nurses, construction workers, cooks, and more.

One of the best places to take a date is Old Town Alexandria, which is a historic district full of landmarks.  General Robert E. Lee grew up here, and you can find a weekly farmer’s market in Market Square.  Strolling through the different stands is fun and a great way to step back into the past (especially if you pretend that you’re wearing clothes from the 1800s).  Alexandria’s T.C. Williams Public High School was the inspiration for the movie “Remember the Titans”, and it is also the home of Jim Morrison of The Doors and Cass Elliott and John Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas.

Some of the most beautiful sites in the East are near Alexandria, such as Monticello, Jamestown, and Williamsburg.  Even Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s famous home, is just a short drive away from downtown Alexandria.  It’s practically impossible to be bored with so many historic sites so close to home.  Even if you spent your early school years visiting these spots, it’s always fun to revisit them as an adult, when you can truly appreciate the history and the beauty of the area.  When you add the romance of the past to a date, there’s no telling how much fun you can have.  Stroll the streets of downtown and check out all the different restaurants–you’ll find tons of choices to fit just about any palate.

Living in Alexandria sandwiches you between the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley and the ocean on the other.  You have access to some of the most beautiful coastline around, and being within driving distance of D.C. is nothing to scoff at.  The people are great, too.  Being in the South, you get the classic friendliness and hospitality, but with a twist of the hustle and bustle you get from being near the nation’s capital and large cities.  It’s a diverse area filled with many different personalities, so there is rarely a dull moment.  So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in Alexandria, you've come to the right place to find others like you.