Safety Tips for Online Dating

The vast majority of online Christian dating is safe and can create vibrant relationships. However, to protect yourself from the rare occurrence of having a bad experience, the following guidelines are recommended:

  1. Getting to know someone online can create temptation to self-disclose too much personal information too quickly. Therefore, pace yourself with self-disclosure at the same rate you would when getting to know someone in person.
  2. Create a separate email account through gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. for online dating to keep your personal email confidential.
  3. Don't use any personal identifying information in your username or profile, such as your last name, phone number, home address, etc. and don't share any of this information with another person until you feel comfortable doing so.
  4. Look for red flags with other members, such as someone asking for money or personal information, someone having significant behavioral fluctuations, or someone wanting to meet in private locations.
  5. Find your own transportation and meet in public locations for the first few dates to give yourself time to get to know the individual in a safe environment.
  6. Be sure another friend or family member knows about your date, where you'll be, and when you'll be back. Also, make sure your date knows that someone else is aware of your meeting.
  7. Bring your cell phone on the date in case you need to dial 911 for any reason.
  8. Although it's rare, sometimes people are not honest in their profiles. Therefore, we encourage you to thoroughly investigate someone you are getting involved with through Spokeo to search their background for marital status, sexual offenses, and criminal activity.