Our Values

Loving God | Loving Others


I’m Dr. Wyatt Fisher, I'm a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado, I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I specialize in marriage therapy, and I'm on the referral list for Focus on the Family. I'm also the founder of ChristianCrush, Fisher Christian Counseling Services, a Christian counseling practice in Longmont, CO, and the Colorado Marriage Refresh, a Christian marriage seminar I co-lead with my wife. 

At ChristianCrush, we believe Jesus Christ is the only path to salvation and the Bible is the inherrent word of God. We also believe in the importance of cultivating alone time with God daily because He is the vine and we are the branches. We also believe He has a special plan for romantic relationships and they are to mirror His love and sacrifice. In addiction, we believe God uses romantic relationships more than any other tool to refine us to become more like him, which is referred to as sanctification. Furthermore, we believe in providing quality care through the four branches of ChristianCrush. Lastly, we believe in treating all members we come in contact with through ChristianCrush with respect and dignity.