ChristianCrush has been acquired by a new business firm. ChristianCrush is no longer handled by the former owner. All the services that were previously offered are no more available.

This means ChristianCrush is no more a dating platform. We don’t have access to the user’s data (like profile name, profile picture, messages, credit/debit card details) that was previously hosted on ChristianCrush’s former servers.

This domain, ChristianCrush.com, is set up on a new server which means we never have or will have access to your data.

ChristianCrush is now a blog that focuses on online dating and the former owner is no more affiliated with us anymore. The former owner is no more liable for the newer services or content that you’ll see on ChristianCrush.

The content on the site is copyrighted and belongs to the new business firm.