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Iron Sharpens Iron | Helping Your Partner Change

Current Focus: Iron Sharpens Iron | Helping Your Partner Change

Wouldn’t it be nice if every marriage started with both partners first achieving complete emotional, mental and spiritual health? If they each spent time learning the skills to be a gentle, nurturing and kind person and mastered the ability to deeply love and connect with each other and with children?   It’s a heart-warming fantasy — but sadly, none of us would ever get married if the bar were set that high…   The truth is that God puts us in marriages to change us. He wants us to become more like Him and He often uses our partner to help us do so. Once you receive repeated feedback from your partner on a growth area and once you feel personally convicted that it’s something you need to change, it’s time to commit to making the change. However, making a lasting change can be quite complex and difficult. Therefore, the rest of this article will give you some tools on how to make the change if you’re the one with the growth area and it will also include tips on how to help your partner change if they are the one with the growth area.   Join the Conversation