Important Update For The Community

ChristianCrush has been acquired by a new business firm. ChristianCrush is no longer handled by the former owner. All the services that were previously offered are no more available. This means ChristianCrush is no more a dating platform. We don’t have access to the user’s data (like profile name, profile picture, messages, credit/debit card details) that was previously hosted on ChristianCrush’s former servers. This domain,, is set up on … Read more

10 Best Christian Dating Sites of 2020

christian dating sites

If you listen to some people, Christians have a hard time when it comes to online dating. Tinder is for hookups, Plenty of Fish is too seedy, and it’s impossible to find a Christian on a decent dating site like OkCupid. That’s what they tell us at least! The good news is that Christians have just as much a right to try their hand at online dating like anyone else. The even … Read more

ChristianMingle Review

christianmingle review

ChristianMingle is a dating site aimed specifically at Christians who are looking to find friendship, fellowship – and love.  Used by more than 9,000,000 people around the world, it has a strict verification system in place that ensures everyone who signs up is who they say they are. And in a world where meeting people of our own faith who we can connect with and share in the glory of … Read more

God’s Fingerprints in Your Life

god's fingerprint

Right now the only thing we get to see of God are his “fingerprints,” those moments when we recognize clearly that God has spoken or even moved on our behalf! Why would he give us those glimpses? Clearly, God wants to be tangible to us!  He longs for the day when we can see him face to face and interact with him the way he first intended.  Thus in the … Read more

The Best Jewish Dating Sites For Jewish Singles

jewish dating sites

Looking for your Jewish life partner? It’s a smart idea to try Jewish dating sites. Love and dating in the Jewish world is often – shall we say – a tad different than it is in the secular world. The Jewish perspective on dating evolved from ancient laws that were proscribed in the Talmud. Unfortunately, the Talmud states that trying to find one’s soulmate is as tricky as parting the Red Sea. … Read more

13 Best Dating Sites For Finding Serious Relationship

best dating sites

Looking for the best dating sites? You’ve come to the right place.  The world is moving at a faster pace than ever. We’re all busier, more ambitious – and this means it can be harder to meet people in real life who also have less free time.  In fact, stats show that as many as 39% of heterosexual couples in America now meet online. That’s a huge improvement on the numbers … Read more

Couples Bible Study (Service Not Available Anymore)


Exhausted from feeling disconnected and continually struggling in your marriage? Just getting started and want to do marriage right? Welcome to the Marriage Refresh Online, super for a couples Bible study! Who needs it? All couples…..that was easy to answer! Since we are sinful by nature, we all drift in the wrong direction in marriage towards selflishness, busyness, and isolation. God wants us to thrive in marriage but most of … Read more

Couples Retreats Texas (Service Not Available Anymore)


Ever notice how many hours of training you’ve received for your career compared to your marriage? It probably doesn’t even come close. A major reason marriage can be difficult is because we haven’t been taught how to do it right! Our couples retreats in Texas will change that for you by providing an incredible mix of Scripture, testimony, clinical experience, and marital research. “We covered many difficult topics with ease … Read more

Best Couples Retreat in Colorado (Service Not Available Anymore)


This service no longer exist It’s incredible to compare all of the time, resources, and effort people invest into their careers compared to their marriages. Think of all the hours invested in going to school and receiving training on how to become a successful electrician, accountant, engineer, nurse, etc. Now, compare that with all the hours and training couples usually put into becoming successful in their marriage. The contrast is … Read more

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