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We are the only platform offering two weeks 100% free to Christian singles with completed profiles.
We are the only online Christian dating site screening members for sexual offenses.
We are the only Biblical dating site using video profiles.
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We are one of the only Christian owned and operated dating sites.
We are one of the only Christian dating websites developed by a Christian Psychologist.
We are one of the only Christian dating services tithing ten percent to local ministries.
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Why Am I Single [The Ultimate Christian Guide]

Current Focus: Why Am I Single [The Ultimate Christian Guide]

The women say why don't I have a boyfriend and there aren’t any good men left and the men are wondering why don't I have a girlfriend and where have all the great ladies gone. Whichever group you fall into, the same issue stands: singles today are having a hard time meeting Prince or Princess Charming. Why am I still single? Is it something I did, or something I’m doing? While it’s nearly impossible to lay the blame on any one thing, we have a few ideas. If you’re single and reading this, odds are that you’d rather not be single. Don’t give up! Just because you haven’t met him or her doesn’t mean everything is hopeless. Now is the time to live your life, not after you finally have met someone. As you read this list of reasons you’re still single, take everything as a general possibility – some of it might apply one hundred percent, and some of it might just make you chuckle. No matter what,... Join the Conversation